Our Ingredients & Sourcing

Our mission is to be a trusted source for high-quality, sustainably and ethically produced products of ceremony and ritual made with minimally processed natural ingredients, which support responsible agricultural and production practices as well as fair treatment of workers. We use organic, wild-harvested, and Fair Trade Certified ingredients available.
Our Sprays are made with the highest quality organic hydrosols, mostly organic essential oils wherever possible, and organic flower essences. Safe for the skin, no chemicals. Complete transparency on ingredients and a strong focus on organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients.
Our Sources - We source our ingredients from trusted suppliers with a strong commitment to environmental/social responsibility and transparency. We buy organically produced or wild harvested ingredients to help curb the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers, provide safer end products, and support smaller organic farms. We buy fair trade ingredients if available for verified social responsibility in the supply chain.
Our Suppliers:
Avicenna, Wales
NHR, Brighton
Findhorn, Scotland
Bomar, Wicklow
JJ O’Toole, Limerick