Hare & Moon Ceremonial Cacao Cup

Hare & Moon Ceremonial Cacao Cup

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The Importance of a Ceremonial Cup in Setting Intentions with Ceremonial Cacao

When setting intentions with ceremonial cacao, having a ceremonial cup can make all the difference. Here's why:

  • A ceremonial cup creates a sense of ritual and reverence. By designating a special cup just for ceremonial cacao, you create a sense of sacredness around the process, which can help you connect more deeply with the experience.


  • A ceremonial cup helps you focus your intentions. When you have a special cup just for ceremonial cacao, it becomes a visual reminder of your intentions. Holding the cup in your hands and taking a sip, you can use it as a focal point for your thoughts and feelings.


  • A ceremonial cup adds to the sensory experience. Using a beautiful, handmade cup for your ceremonial cacao engages all of your senses. You can appreciate the texture of the cup, the weight of it in your hands, the aroma of the cacao, and the taste of the drink.


  • A ceremonial cup can be a cherished object. Over time, your ceremonial cup can become a treasured possession, imbued with the energy and intention of all the ceremonies you've held with it. It can remind you of your spiritual journey and be a source of comfort and inspiration.

The Moon-gazing Hare Symbolism 

The Moon-gazing Hare symbol is often associated with the lunar cycle, representing life's natural rhythm. It encourages us to stay attuned to the environment, embrace the changes of the seasons, and recognise the significance of the natural world. This symbol is also linked to the divine feminine, representing intuition, creativity, and nurturing. It reminds us to honour and celebrate the feminine energy within ourselves and those around us. The hare is considered a symbol of fertility in most cultures, representing new life and new beginnings. Its association with abundance further emphasises the idea of growth and prosperity. The Moon-gazing Hare symbol, therefore, holds a multifaceted significance, reminding us to stay connected to nature, embrace change, and celebrate the beauty of life.

About the Potter

Jacquie Parfitt,  of Glendree Potteries in East Clare, handcrafts these cups individually on a potter's wheel in an old converted stone cottage. Each cup is thrown and turned on the potter's wheel before attaching the handles and discs. After the initial kiln firing, they are decorated with oxide and glazes by hand and returned to the kiln for the final glaze firing.

Limited Edition